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Feel free to contact us anytime

Do you offer guest passes?

Yes, $25 for a guest pass. This is for adult classes only. 

Do you offer a trial membership?

Yes. A trial membership is $50 for one week of classes. This applies to all levels one class per day.

How many classes can I take with the membership?

Our group classes are $150 per month. We train 5 days a week. 

What are the gym hours?

We are open during class time or by appointments.  Gym is closed during major holidays. Kids Class will follow East Orange school schedule during school year. Follow our social media and get RF Muay Thai SPACES BY WIX app to get updates.

How do manage my booking?

Member can log in on our site or download SPACES BY WIX app use the invite code: NIJICC  to manage classes and packages. 


All members and guests MUST SIGN Training Liability Waiver and Communicable Disease Waiver BEFORE participating. All Members must sign the contract agreement after punching the membership.


How can I cancel my membership?

Teens and adult membership is based on 3 month commitment cycle. Simply send an email to 30 days before the start of the next billing cycle with “CANCEL” in the subject line.

Kids membership is charged month to month. Simply send an email to 15 days before before the start of the next billing cycle with “CANCEL” in the subject line.  


Are children allowed entry?

Yes, we offer classes for children ages 6-9. These classes are 30 mins to give your child just enough time to learn while not allowing them to get so comfortable that they get bored. As they grow with us and enter our teens class these classes will be an hour long.

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