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Layered with ConVEX Skin Combat Leather for improved durability and endurance, making these shin insteps are ideal for training. Padded with thick Polygonal Fusion mould and Compressed EVA-LUTION Sheet, these shin guards are capable of absorbing high-intensity strikes and dissipating force equally across their surface. Featuring QD-1™ lining known for its incredible sweat-wicking capabilities – ensures shins stay hygienic session after session– and Quick-EZ™ hook & loop closure for a snug fit. CE certified by SATRA TECHNOLOGIES.

  • ConVEX Skin Combat Leather for extra sturdiness and dexterity
  • Polygonal Fusion Mould diffuses impact evenly across the surface
  • Compressed EVA-LUTION Sheet padding absorbs impact and prevents injuries
  • QD-1™ lining for sweat-wicking and Quick-EZ™ hook-and-loop for secure wear
  • CE certified by SATRA TECHNOLOGIES
  • UKCA certified

RDX T15 Noir Black Shin Instep Guards

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